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Secure end-to-end EDI services from the private cloud

Do you need to optimize processes and avoid bottlenecks as well as interchange, use, and secure data in real time? Electronic data interchange (EDI) is ideally suited to support this – if only the implementation, integration, and management of a B2B platform weren't so laborious. In addition to specialist knowledge, it requires investment in hardware and software. And continuous adjustments swallow up unnecessary time and money. The alternative: managed EDI services from US Technosoft.

Our EDI Services

Quick Implementation

We turnaround a seamless solution for you in days or weeks, NOT months! At Integration, Inc., we have the knowledge, experience, resources, and proven results of helping thousands of companies do exactly what you need to do.

Complete Document Mapping

Each trading partner defines how they will use the standard to best fit their needs. Our experts will handle all your mapping requirements to ensure that your data is sent and received in full compliance with each of your trading partners. You don’t have to worry about how this gets done, that’s why you use us

Complete Document Testing

As you add trading partners, each one will require testing. Our EDI specialists will work with you and your trading partner to comply with all their testing requirements. During this testing, you will see how the data will flow, what the data will look like and how it can best be used to strengthen your relationship with your trading partners.

Document Standards Review

When you trade business transactions with your trading partners, these transactions are formatted into a standard format called ANSI X12. At Integration, Inc. we have standards experts on staff to review the standards provided by your trading partners so we can ensure full compliance with their requirements.

Full Trading Partner On-boarding

You may have 1 trading partner or many and you might trade 1 document or many. Whatever your needs are regarding EDI, we can handle it and move you quickly from setup to testing and into full production. We can get your fully compliant in only a few days.

Systems Integration

In order for your company to get the most out of EDI, you should consider full systems integration with your internal system. This is where you get the most benefit. Using services provided by Integration, Inc. will allow you to tap into additional resources to make this integration possible. Our expert technical team can help you accomplish this goal

This is how you benefit only with Managed EDI Services

Process acceleration

Speeding up internal and external processes, improving planning quality, and creating genuine information transparency

Connection of business partners, customers, and ecosystems

A single interface, all formats, all protocols

This is the heSecurityading

Highly secure data center under the strict and proven security and data privacy standards.

Cost reduction

Managed service means no in-house hardware and software investment, reduction in warehouse stocks, performance and use-based invoicing, and cost and innovation advantages thanks to standardized processes and common interfaces for all B2B and B2C channels

Speed and availability

High performance and availability of up to 99.98 percent and 24/7 EDI support

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