Project Details

  • Project name : Complete Automation of ETC Media
  • Category :Web and mobility solutions
  • Client : ETC Media
  • Complete date :24 January, 2018
  • Origin :New Zealand


DOOH Platform to automate advertising network

ETC was looking for a stable platform with the robust functionality to handle the full DOOH working workflow of their organization. The company landed on Edge1’s DOOH web application together with the landlord application. Challenges: ETC was using multiple software for their daily day to day operations, Scala for content management, Xero, accounting software for finance, planning, and sales were done on different software. Every team was working on their own island, thus collaboration was difficult, which leads to inefficiency in tracking business growth. Solution: Edge1’s system integration brings together the component subsystems into one system and ensuring that the subsystems function together as a complete system. Edge1 integrates with the following software: Xero, accounting software Scala, digital content management software Microsoft Office Google Places Email client platform About ETC Media: With most premium digital outdoor media sites in Christchurch, ETC is one of the most prominent outdoor advertising media providers in New Zealand. The company is headquartered in Christchurch. Delivering premium digital billboards, we work with our clients to provide the most effective outdoor solutions that engage with their target audience.